Linen washing and maintenance methods

When washing linen products, it is important to note that high-quality linen fabrics undergo pre-shrinking treatment before production, with a shrinkage rate typically around 3%. However, most linen products on the market are not pre-shrunk, and they may experience shrinkage after water washing, usually around 10% or even more in some cases. Therefore, it is recommended to choose dry cleaning as the preferred washing method to prevent shrinkage and deformation of linen garments.

Washing Instructions:

Due to variations in the quality of linen, careful attention should be paid during the washing process. It is best to opt for dry cleaning to prevent shrinkage and deformation of linen garments.

  1. Dry Cleaning: Avoid directly applying soap solution to the fabric surface. Instead, use a specialized organic silk garment cleaner, which can be purchased from the 矜蘭妃 (Jinlanfei) website. Add the cleaner directly to lukewarm water and follow the standard washing procedure. Use medium to high-temperature ironing.

  2. Water Washing Requirements:

  1. Soak the linen garment in water below 40℃ for 10 minutes before washing.

  2. Use a specialized organic silk garment cleaner or an alkaline-based detergent.

  3. When machine washing, choose a gentle washing mode without dehydration and dripping.

Washing Linen Products.

① The natural tendency of linen to wrinkle often makes people hesitate when purchasing it. Even the most luxurious material loses its appeal if it becomes excessively wrinkled after washing. Therefore, proper care is essential when washing linen home textiles.

② The key to maintaining linen home textiles is through washing and ironing.

③ When washing, it is important to control the water temperature. The water should not be too hot and should be kept below 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. Linen fabrics can be washed using a washing machine, but it is crucial to use cool water and select mild, neutral detergents instead of strong laundry detergents.

④ Additionally, it is crucial to avoid exposing linen to acidic substances. Linen is a plant fiber that is highly sensitive to acids, which can cause significant damage and easily burn the fabric.

Linen garments can be worn throughout the year and can be cleaned, folded, and stored in a wardrobe.

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