Why wear silk products?

*Silk has excellent moisture absorption and moisture release properties, which help to keep the skin dry.

Compared to cotton, silk has 1.5 times the water absorption capacity and releases moisture one-third faster than cotton, thus helping to keep the skin dry.

The moisture released from the human skin is transferred to the pores of silk through capillary action. Some of the 18 amino acids present in silk are conducive to combining with water molecules, enhancing the moisturizing effect of silk protein.

*During hot weather, silk can lower skin temperature for a cooling effect.

With its excellent moisture absorption and retention properties, silk can effectively lower body temperature during hot weather.

*Air enters the gaps between silk fibers, providing insulation.

Compared to other fibers, silk fibers have uneven sizes. When bundled together, air enters the gaps between the fibers, making it difficult for heat to dissipate and providing excellent insulation.

*The fine fibers of silk can remove dirt and bacteria from the skin.

Silk fibers can gently remove dead skin cells from the body.

*It has significant improvements for itching and atopic dermatitis.

The moisture absorption and release properties of silk can effectively inhibit the invasion and proliferation of microorganisms on the skin, helping to maintain normal physiological conditions.

*Silk can effectively prevent UV rays and the formation of dark spots and freckles.

When silkworm larvae transform into pupae, they wrap themselves in silk cocoons to protect themselves from UV radiation. This indicates that silk has certain resistance to UV rays. By avoiding UV rays, you can naturally prevent the formation of dark spots, freckles, and other skin conditions.

*Silk clothing can prevent static electricity in winter.

Many fibers have very low moisture content, which is closely related to the generation of static electricity. Silk fibers have a moisture content of about 10%, which is much higher than the 0.5% in polyester fibers. The lower the moisture content, the more likely static electricity will occur.


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