laundry guide?

You can use our "Natural Organic Silk Clothing Detergent" to wash silk garments.

We recommend hand washing and cleaning the garment on the reverse side to avoid rubbing vigorously in specific areas, which may cause fading. It is also advisable to separate dark-colored garments from light-colored ones during the washing process.

When using detergent, please mix it with cold water or water below 30°C and use a neutral detergent. You can also use body-safe cleansers such as shower gel or soap.

Avoid using alkaline detergents like laundry powder, bleach, or cold water detergents.

Do not soak or use washing machines, spin dryers, or any brushing tools for cleaning.

After washing, please hang the garment in a cool and well-ventilated area to air dry, avoiding direct sunlight or tumble drying.

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