What is Boneline Lace?

Bone lace is a type of handcrafted lace or netting that is commonly used for decorating garments, curtains, pillowcases, and other items. It derives its name from the "bone thread" used in its fabric, which is typically made of stiffer materials such as metal wire, plastic cord, or linen thread to create structure and shape within the lacework. The bone thread serves to provide support and maintain the unique form of the lace.

The creation of bone lace typically requires skill and patience. Lace makers use needles or bobbins to weave the lace netting, incorporating the bone thread at specific points. They follow specific patterns and designs to create intricate and beautiful lace patterns. As bone lace is handmade, each piece is unique, making it highly valued in traditional crafts and artisanal products.

Bone lace exhibits a delicate and refined appearance, often showcasing an elegant and ornate effect. It is widely used in fashion design, wedding dresses, interior decoration, and other fields, adding a distinctive artistic value and beauty to products.

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