Handcrafted Timeless Classic Double Woolen coat

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Specifications Description

◆color:brown / apricot(Choose one of two color)
◆Recommended size chart (inches) for consumers
Bust size: 32-34 34-36 36-38
◆Material:10%Cashmere+90%Wool(excluding connecting lines)
◆Zipper: No
◆Elasticity: No
◆Country of origin: China
◆Product Size Chart (centimeters):
Size M L XL
Length 96 97 98
Bust size 48 50 52
Hem 48 50 52
Sleeve Length 68 69 70
※Please note that this size chart may have slight discrepancies with the actual product due to factors such as fabric elasticity, washing treatment, measurement starting and ending points, and manual stretching.
※Washing Instructions: Hand washable. Wash with cold water below 30 degrees Celsius. Separate light and dark-colored garments. Please use neutral detergent (e.g., silk-specific detergent, body wash, shampoo), and avoid using bleach, laundry powder, cold wash, or other strong alkaline detergents. Please air dry in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight exposure.
※Return Policy During Inspection Period: Products can be returned or exchanged only if there are defects in the product itself, such as poor color fastness, stitching issues, stains, damage, or incorrect sizing. However, once the hang tag is damaged, removed, or if the clothing has been washed, it is not eligible for return.

Quantity of items: coat x1

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