Silk Graphene Shoulder Sleeves Set of 2

Far-infrared energy conduction promotes circulation
Soothes shoulders and back, promotes health and wellness
Exclusive combination of graphene and silk

Item No.: 60W016-2-M/L
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Product Introduction

Specifications Description

◆Color: Black / Gray (fixed colors)

◆Recommended sizing for consumers based on the size chart (in inches):

Below 38" chest circumference: Size M / L

Above 38" chest circumference: Size XL / XXL

  • Length: 23" / 24.8"
  • Sleeve width: 14" / 15.5"
  • Sleeve length: 62.5" / 69"
  • Cuff: 8.7" / 9.5"

◆Material: 59% nylon (graphene composite yarn) + 31% silk + 10% elastic fiber

◆Zipper: No

◆Elasticity: Yes

◆Origin: China

※ Please note that this size chart may have slight variations from the actual product due to fabric elasticity, washing treatment, measurement starting and ending points, and manual stretching.

※ Washing instructions: Can be washed with water. Please wash with cold water below 40 degrees Celsius and separate dark and light-colored clothing. Please use neutral detergent (such as specialized silk cleanser, body wash, or shampoo), and do not use bleach, laundry powder, or alkali detergents. Please dry in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

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