Deodorizing, Protective, Moisturizing, and Allergy-resistant Silk Masks (Set of 5)

矜蘭妃 Silk Protective Masks (Set of 5)
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Product Introduction

Specifications Description

◆Color: Nude1, Deep Blue1, Pink1, Light Gray1, Iron Gray*1 (Fixed colors)

◆Recommended Size Chart for Consumers (in inches):

Adjustable ear loops, suitable for all sizes

◆Composition: Outer fabric 100% Silk, Filling 100% Silk

◆Country of Origin: China

◆Product Size Chart (half round/cm):

Size Width 26cm × Height 14cm

※Due to factors such as fabric elasticity, washing treatment, measurement start and end points, and human pulling, there may be slight deviations from the actual product. ※According to the "Guidelines for Reasonable Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal in Communications Transactions," masks are considered personal hygiene products. Once the packaging is opened and used, we regret to inform you that returns or exchanges cannot be processed.

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