Graphene Silk Sterilizing and Deodorizing Mask (1 piece)

Item No.: 60W007-99-F
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Color: Black (fixed color)

Country of origin: China

According to the "Reasonable Exception Criteria for Termination of Communication Transactions," masks are personal hygiene products, and once they are unsealed and used, we regret to inform you that we cannot provide return or exchange services.

Product: 1 mask

Recommended for consumers to refer to the size chart (inches):

Suitable for all ethnicities

Composition: Outer fabric 100% silk, filling 100% nylon (graphene composite yarn)

Product size chart (half circumference/cm):

Size: Width 20cm x Height 14.5cm

This size chart may have slight discrepancies from the actual product due to factors such as fabric elasticity, washing treatment, measurement starting and ending points, and manual stretching.

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