Caterpillar Silk Graphene Resonant Energy Lumbar Support Set of 2

Resonant Energy Conduction Smart Temperature Control
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Product Introduction

Specifications Description

◆Color: Black (fixed color)

◆Composition: 78.7% Nylon (Graphene Composite Yarn) + 9.5% Silk + 11.8% Elastic Fiber

◆Country of Origin: China

◆Product Combination: Lumbar Support *2

Recommended Size for Customers: ◆Recommended Size Reference (inches): M L XL Waist: 22-30 30-38 38-47

◆Product Size Chart (half circumference/cm): Size M L XL Upper Circumference 26 28 30 Waist Circumference 22 24 26 Lower Circumference 28 30 33 Length 32 33 33

※Please note that there may be slight discrepancies between the size chart and the actual product due to fabric elasticity, washing process, measurement variations, and manual stretching. ※Washing Instructions: It is recommended to wash the lumbar supports in cold water below 40 degrees Celsius. Please separate light and dark-colored garments. Use neutral detergent (e.g., specialized silk detergent, shower gel, or shampoo) and avoid using bleach, laundry powder, or alkaline detergents. Dry the supports in a cool, shaded place and avoid direct sunlight.

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